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Report: Smartphone literacy for senior citiens

This report reviews the access to technology instruction available for seniors in Trumbull County libraries and explores the reasons why such education is essential. It suggests that seniors are underserved by their local libraries in regards to technology education and encourages further attention to that issue.

Smartphones are ubiquitous. Major mobile companies such as AT&T and Verizon no longer promote or advertise cellphones that are not smartphones, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find cellphones that are simple and intuitive to users who are not familiar with the technology.

The percentage of seniors (older adults over 65 years old) who own cellphones is increasing, and it stands to reason that as the peaking demand for smartphones eliminates the market for simpler technology, those seniors signing up for mobile contracts will find smartphones the only option for mobile communication.

The role of local libraries in educating seniors on this technology is essential. Libraries exist to connect people to information. Nearly 32 percent of library users are seniors, and nearly half of all seniors use their library regularly. If the aging population is to be educated on smartphone use, libraries are the ideal resource. They are a familiar, trusted, and free.


Research report in electronic format

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